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Snapt Downloads

You can download the Snapt VM images directly from this page for ease of use. Our primary download location is the download section of the client site, which is also the only location for bundles to install on existing Linux installations.

Virtualized Images

If you are using a virtualized/cloud platform please select the matching format below. If you are unsure or cannot find your VM the OVF image should be supported.

OVF [ESX, HyperV, Misc] Download

VMWare Workstation Image Download

Xen Image Download

OpenStack Image Download

Amazon EC2 Launch

ISO Image

The Snapt ISO image allows you to install Snapt onto a brand new server. You can burn this to CD and install from it. ONLY USE THIS ON HARDWARE.

Install CD [Install to HDD]Download

Looking for bundles for existing installs? Go to the client site.